Employees claim that they are happy with office IT tools but still take work home

News by Dan Raywood

Nine of out ten employees are happy with the IT tools that they are given at work and that IT at work makes their job easier.

Nine of out ten employees are happy with the IT tools that they are given at work and that IT at work makes their job easier.

A survey by 360° IT asked what technology employees would prefer to have at work, 72 per cent said that they wanted a smooth running IT infrastructure that works, 31 per cent wanted technology that enabled them to collaborate, while nine per cent wanted the latest device that gives the ‘right impression' to their peers.

The survey also found that more than half of employees would prefer to work on a laptop as opposed to a desktop (35 per cent), smartphone (21 per cent) or iPad (one per cent).

Denise Plumpton, non-executive director of 360° IT, who was previously executive director of information at the Highways Agency, commented that a laptop has a higher specification than a smartphone and is perceived to be more practical.

In terms of security, 56 per cent said that they do not break office rules to access technology, however 27 per cent said that they send files via FTP and webmail to work on at home, while 26 per cent said that they take data home on a USB.

Plumpton said: “Very few people said that their organisations had any rules, only about two per cent said ‘we don't have any rules, we do what we like'. Are they telling the truth? With the half who said that they don't break the rules that could mean that the rules are sufficiently good, that they do not dare to or perhaps they do but did not want to say so.

“It could mean that almost half admitted to breaking the rules, which suggests to me that they have not got the right tools to do their job. Perhaps they are only allocated a desktop computer at the office and they need to be able to make that transfer.

“They have found a way to do it and found a way to get around the rules, to them it is just part of doing their job. It is something that organisations need to look at the rules they have, are those rules fit for purpose? Are they helping the business or are they restraining the ability to do business?”


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