BitDefender announces launch of 2011 security suites

News by Dan Raywood

The 2011 consumer security suites have been launched by BitDefender.

The 2011 consumer security suites have been launched by BitDefender.

According to BitDefender, its Total Security 2011 has improved on speed and personalisation. The consumer version comprises three products – AntiVirus Plus 2011, Internet Security 2011 and Total Security 2011.

UK managing director Nick Billington said that the changes had been made after talking to customers and spending time adjusting the product to make it easier to use. He said: “Five years ago people were reasonably technical, but nowadays they just don't care as the computer is just a tool for Facebook, Twitter and eBay, and a lot of customers are not technical and have no interest in features and just want to know that it works.

“Users want to be protected, but do not understand the threats; the perspective is that anti-virus slows the computer down. We have spent time trying to change the perspective. We asked why don't they use the features? They say that they do not understand it. The first part is the educating customers to understand threats. Not to program them, but to understand the danger so that they can do something about it, because as an industry we have got to do it.”

He explained that time had been taken to improve security, support, performance and personal user experience. One key change has been to rename the user profile from ‘novice' to ‘basic' and get rid of text and replace it with graphics.

Key features include a quick scan that takes 60 seconds to give a full report, while search advisor scans search engine results in the cloud and gives it a tick if it is approved.

Billington said there is not a manual, as 95 per cent do not want to look at it, so BitDefender has developed videos to demonstrate the functions. He also said that for existing users there is a free upgrade to 2011.

Vince Hwang, global director of product management at BitDefender, said: “Security isn't simply a matter of locking everything out; it's a series of carefully managed choices, balancing the needs of users with the realities of the digital world. Connectivity has taken the personal computer into new realms – online gaming, e-learning, collaborative workgroups – launching a new era of personal security.

“BitDefender 2011 products address this significant change in the security landscape by continuing to provide superior protection from online attacks, while offering major improvements to system performance and the ability for users to personalise their settings to best match their individual style and needs.”


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