Email anti-spam scanner introduced by Cloudmark

News by Dan Raywood

Cloudmark has launched a free anti-spam application for email services.

Cloudmark has launched a free anti-spam application for email services.

The company said that Cloudmark DesktopOne continuously filters email and webmail to eliminate spam and protect users against phishing and email-borne viruses.

Leon Rishniw, senior vice president of engineering for Cloudmark, told SC Magazine that it runs in the background and works on the remote client, giving the user full performance but without spam.

He said: “It is not about white or blacklisting or list management, it is designed to be unobtrusive from a user perspective. On webmail, spammers are getting more sophisticated and with the increase of spam people have the same perception, there is more spam hitting the mailbox. At the edge, something is needed in transit, but it is getting through the inbox. We see solutions as an add-on to that as a benefit.”

He explained that as a standalone application, the user simply installs it and all they need to do is put in their email address to start scanning.

“The application is on the desktop, it will ask to configure on the install and will start and scan the inbox, on Exchange it scans every minute and on webmail it will move into the junk mail folder,” said Rishniw.

According to Cloudmark, the system then takes a report and by leveraging the company's Advanced Message Fingerprinting technology, it reads real-time feedback from users and adapts to the newest messaging threats and automatically provides protection within moments of their emergence.

Rishniw said: “At Cloudmark, we believe that every email user should be protected against messaging threats. Cloudmark DesktopOne provides protection for users, across the globe, by empowering them in the fight against spam. We are committed to making free, world-class anti-spam software easily accessible for every user's desktop.”


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