Shavlik expands cloud services to provide for small businesses

News by Dan Raywood

Shavlik is to expand its cloud strategy to deliver specific enterprise IT management features to small businesses.

Shavlik is to expand its cloud strategy to deliver specific enterprise IT management features to small businesses.

The company explained that the initial phase of the strategy includes cloud-based elements of the company's patch management, IT management and virtual machine management tools. Core of the offering are two cloud platforms - PatchCloud and OpsCloud.

PatchCloud combines the company's patch data with cloud-enabled distribution, endpoint agents and third-party platform integrations. OpsCloud extends the company's portfolio beyond patch management to provide cloud-based IT management applications and tools and includes the introduction of new services for – the Software-as-a-Service-based application, covering asset, software and patch management.

The company has also announced the launch of the NetPt agent, part of the NetChk family of on-premise IT operations solutions. According to Shavlik, its intelligent data-homing technology allows NetPt to get patch data and policy updates from NetChk over the corporate network or from the PatchCloud by connecting directly over the internet.

Mark Shavlik, CEO of Shavlik Technologies, said: “Shavlik has used a cloud approach for many years that leverages the internet to deliver patch data to literally millions of computers simultaneously. Our customers benefit from our adoption of technologies that allow us to deliver value in seconds rather than days or weeks or months.

“The OpsCloud is critical to delivering enterprise quality IT capabilities to companies of all sizes. Our goal is to reduce the IT management infrastructure inside these companies, enabling them to get these services over the internet. By and large, IT admins are interrupt-driven. The OpsCloud allows them to get the services they need on demand with the immediate fulfilment and satisfaction they require.”

Nancee Melby, director of product marketing at Shavlik, pointed at the story from the CSO Interchange from this week, claiming that it represented Shavlik's attitude to the cloud and validated what it was announcing.

Melby said: “Leveraging the cloud is not new for Shavlik, we have been doing that for ten years. Small businesses are doing IT management without the cloud and breaking the bank to do so, as they spend so much time working on IT tools that they are not doing what they are supposed to be.”


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