BobBear to retire at the end of April and close his money mule and phishing awareness site

News by Dan Raywood

Phishing and money mule campaign fighter BobBear is to retire at the end of next week and close his site.

Phishing and money mule campaign fighter BobBear is to retire at the end of next week and close his site.

Bob Harrison, who publishes details of fake corporations and scams and provides guidance and advice to victims and those who are simply interested, claimed that he has decided to retire, and as a result the sites will be closing at the end of April 2010.

Writing in a message on his site, Harrison said: “I would just like to thank all of my supporters and day to day helpers without whom none of this would have been possible. A big thanks also to everyone who has submitted suspected fraud domains for analysis over the years and thank you all so much for the kind messages of thanks and encouragement that have helped make it all worthwhile.

“Last but not least, thanks to all the ethical and helpful service providers out there that help to keep the internet a safer place.” He also said he had not decided what to do with the four top-level bobbear domains that he owns, but was open to ‘genuine' offers.

The Register claimed that has been the target of several denial-of-service attacks over the years, likely mounted by the fraudsters Harrison sought to expose. Worse, on two occasions over the last three years fraudulent emails were sent out in the site's name in an attempt to damage its reputation.

Speaking to security blogger Brian Krebs, Harrison claimed that he was not retiring the site because of those attacks, which he said have dropped off in recent months anyway. On the contrary, Harrison said he spends more time making sure he does not get sued for erroneously categorising a legitimate website as fraudulent.

He said: “The wife says I spend about 15 hours a day on it, although it may not be quite that much. Things are quite hard and health isn't that good, so the time has come.

“We had so many messages of thanks, and congratulations on the site, but it is so stressful and takes so much out of you, and there is always the worry of litigation hanging over your head.”


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