Apple delays the release of the iPad outside the US, as security concerns persist about the operating system and applications

News by Dan Raywood

Apple has put the release date of the iPad back by one month for UK buyers.

Apple has put the release date of the iPad back by one month for UK buyers.

Having been available for around ten days since its US release over the Easter weekend, Apple has blamed demand for the device in the US saying it had been ‘surprisingly strong'.

The tablet device will be launched globally at the end of May, with pre-orders accepted from 10th May. However after concerns were raised after its launch, one commentator asked on the Apple discussions board whether ‘Apple has halted the shipment of iPads due to their WiFi issues'? They said: “Wondering if it's more of a hardware issue, and not software? Europe's date has also slipped. Any thoughts?"

Commenting on iPad security issues, Sean Sullivan, security advisor at F-Secure Labs, said: “Apple's iPad is a closed OS, and so, like the iPhone and iPod touch, security is generally very good. Jailbreaking an iPad will not be as popular as it is with the iPhone. Particularly once iPhone OS4 with multi-tasking is available.
“However, phishing is a concern of ours. So far, the anti-phishing features of iPhone OS has been inferior compared to other platforms. Hopefully the iPad, which is likely to be a very popular means of surfing the web, will catch up on this very necessary browsing protection feature.
“As the iPad becomes a popular gaming and web platform, we'll see more and more sites catering to the iPad's ‘touch' features. Soon, any web page that provides touch functionality will become trusted, as we have not yet seen any malicious touch sites. Sooner or later cyber criminals will invest some time into a ‘touch' trust scam of some sort. A bigger screen might also increase the likelihood of iPad banking.”

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