Insider threat and data loss can be brought under control with effective end-user behaviour

News by Dan Raywood

The ability to monitor end-user behaviour can make a difference when it comes data loss and insider threats.

The ability to monitor end-user behaviour can make a difference when it comes to data loss and insider threats.

Stuart Okin, managing director of Comsec Consulting, said the process can allow a company to monitor what an employee is doing and it allows all behaviours to be looked at.

Okin said: “Is an employee moving data around? Are they profiling themselves against other peer groups? In the last three to four years this has been gathering momentum and companies are starting to trial this.”

When asked if the ability to monitor internet usage has always been present, with IT and line managers given reports of employee's activity, Okin said that this technology exists with software companies such as Websense, but if a user is accessing internal systems and is doing it with legitimate access, it is difficult to monitor.

He said: “Systems will put up unusual behaviour but it is all done at the network layer. This brings together internal fraud, physical security and IT security to implement things, as you have to protect the company to stop people moving data around.

“People are not likely to leak data and if they are silly enough to send unencrypted data, or are accessing data, then they can be told that ‘we're monitoring you to protect you'.”

So should employees be told that they are being monitored? Okin said that they should absolutely be told, as people want to be protected. “It is early days, but companies are coming together. They are being monitored all of the time so privacy does not come in,” said Okin. “We have got clients trialling it and it will be a huge success.”


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