A simple login to the mygov portal will make it vulnerable to keylogging and phishing attacks

News by Dan Raywood

The problems related to the Prime Minister's mygov portal have been detailed with an emphasis on provision and security.

The problems related to the Prime Minister's mygov portal have been detailed with an emphasis on provision and security.

Responding to the announcement today that the government plans to introduce the ‘mygov' dashboard to every person in the UK, Des Speed, CEO of Lagan Technologies, commented that the two-dimensional page needs to be part of effective three-dimensional service provision.

He claimed that tools have been developed that ‘help citizens get a better service from government via the web, via the telephone and via mobile smartphones [and] each of these mechanisms can form an important part of the 21st century relationship, improving service delivery to citizens and reducing cost'.  

He also commented that Lagan Technologies' research shows that it is the 55+ age group of elderly adopters from whom there is the biggest demand for next generation services.

Dave Waterson, CEO of Sentry Bay, commented that as government has a history of data breaches, any changes to the structure of the online resources should place digital security as a top priority.

He said: “Restructuring government online services to incorporate a single mygov portal will make it more important, simpler and cheaper to ensure that access control is secure. A single logon will be very vulnerable to keylogging and phishing attacks.

“To protect against such threats, the government should be looking to secure this portal through client and server-side technology that protect against internet malware attacking the information entered in, and transmitted to this portal. Two-factor authentication for the site would be ideal, but commercially and practically such a solution would have to be software-based, particularly for general consumers.

“With businesses, there may be scope for additional two-factor authentication solutions that could be hardware based, but again simplicity and user-friendliness as well as economic factors are important determinants of the optimal solution.”


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