AhnLab announces entry into the UK

Opinion by Dan Raywood

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting 'advanced internet security protection' vendor AhnLab as it made the first stage of its move into the EMEA market.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting ‘advanced internet security protection' vendor AhnLab as it made the first stage of its move into the EMEA market.

I first became aware of the company at this year's RSA Conference through its prominent advertising. At Infosecurity Europe, the company made its first step into EMEA, which it has now followed with the opening of a UK-based office.

The company specialises in integrated internet security solutions for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) to enterprise organisations with a firm eye on advanced persistent threat (APT) protection.

Speaking to SC Magazine, Brian Laing, director of marketing and products at AhnLab, said that it provides maximum defence by offering protection of email and web attacks ‘all within one box'. “We offer our own anti-virus with one licence, we have two sandboxes and offer email and web protection,” he said.

“We don't do a one-size-fits-all solution, but we look at ‘beyond application detection and behaviour', as well as the executable to give you a full detail of what is warranted to be malicious. We then compare signatures and anomalies to that list of behaviours to what is in common with malware.”

Laing explained that there are no binaries sent to the cloud, and instead there is a list of behaviours to get the DNA of an attack into a database. He said: “We put the data in their cloud, and there is a copy of our cloud in your network, you can also get updates for queries with signatures and behaviour patterns.”

AhnLab has been in the anti-virus business since the mid-1990s since its foundation in Seoul, South Korea. It offers a range of products including a ‘Total Internet Security' package, as well as specific layers of security.

It is tricky to talk to AhnLab without the name of its main competitor coming up. In fact its PR claims that its products "have been identified as being faster, producing fewer false positives and having a lower TCO than FireEye in a number of third party tests".

FireEye has made an incredible mark in the information security space since its own entry into the UK almost two years ago, so it is not hard to see why companies are aspiring to its level of attention.

Asked if he felt that there was a market for APT protection in the UK, Laing said: “There is some, but we look at FireEye's revenue and success and also the amount of press coverage that they have got.”

Laing confirmed that the company sees itself in the same space as FireEye and I am sure that they will not complain about the competition or being held in such esteem.

AhnLab EMEA territory manager Simon Edwards said: “By establishing EMEA headquarters, we are going to be able to provide a better service to our customers within the region. We see Europe as one of our biggest areas for growth over the next few years and we have set ourselves ambitious business targets.

“The company offers customers unrivalled products, which have already attracted the attention of some of the major industry players. As today's cyber criminals continue to develop highly sophisticated pieces of advanced malware, it is imperative that organisations deploy a suitable security solution, which can cope with these threats.”

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