CSIT Summit - Greater take-up of open Scada project will help initiative and boost security research

News by Dan Raywood

A lack of take-up for the openscada.org project has been criticised.

A lack of take-up for the openscada.org project has been criticised.

Sakir Sezer, chair of secure information technologies at Queen's University Belfast, said that the idea will 'open things up and make things more transparent and allow for more security analysis'.

Speaking at the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) summit in Belfast, Sezer said that there has not been enough adoption and people are not keen on adoptng it as it is a different approach.

He said: “If it is offered to critical infrastructure companies, they cannot take the risk of using an open source tool, they would prefer to use something more expensive. There is also a lack of trust, what is happening to what you put on it? The vendors do not help either as they need to develop and their biggest change is the targeting of the systems.

“The challenge is that support for it is restricted due to it being difficult to design. However 20-25 years ago, Linux was not adopted and it is widely used, and now the challenge is for critical national infrastructure.”

Sezer said that there needs to be take-up to evaluate the vulnerabilities of the operating system and tools, as well as the platform itself. “Critical infrastructure needs to focus on creating a secure network and identifying solutions to make SCADA more secure,” he said.


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