Eugene Kaspersky predicts Apple 'disaster', and praises states on cyber crime

News by Dan Raywood

The golden age of cyber crime is over, according to Eugene Kaspersky.

The golden age of cyber crime is over, according to Eugene Kaspersky.

Speaking at the 2012 CeBIT 2012 conference, the Kaspersky Lab CEO said he was "pretty sure the golden age of cyber crime is over and cyber criminals will have a very difficult time" due to interest from governments, reported The West Australian.

He said: “There won't be cyber crime paradise countries like in the past. Cyber crime is huge, it's serious, but I think in a couple of years the situation will be much better.”

In other news, Kaspersky also said he was "a little bit disappointed" that Apple would not let his company develop anti-virus software for iOS devices; he said it was only a matter of time before criminals target the operating system.

Speaking to The Register, he said: “We as a security company are not able to develop true endpoint security for iOS. That will mean disaster for Apple.” He said that iOS would not be the infection vector as "by design [it] is more secure" than other operating systems, and an attack would "take place in a marketplace and then there will be millions or tens of millions of devices [impacted]".

He said: “They [users] are happy with Windows computers. Now they are happy with Mac. They are happy with Android. It is much more difficult to infect iOS but it is possible, and when it happens it will be the worst-case scenario because there will be no protection. The Apple SDK won't let us do it.”

Nikolay Grebennikov, CTO at Kaspersky Lab, previously told SC Magazine that he felt Apple was "a cool company with cool technologies and strong visions".

He said: “Apple does a lot of things and they can do security in their best way. There is some security and it is good to see new devices and they will talk about security, so we will see something in the future. We will see events and it is possible it will open its APIs for software development.”


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