Mobile service providers urged to offer managed security

News by Dan Raywood

Offering security as a managed service could be an opportunity for mobile providers.

Offering security as a managed service could be an opportunity for mobile providers.

Research by Juniper found that 62 per cent of mobile device users hold service providers liable for protecting their data, while 35 per cent would expect a device manufacturer to be liable, and 36 per cent would look to their software security provider (they could choose multiple answers).

Paul Gainham, senior director of solutions at Juniper, said: “There is a fantastic opportunity for most of the managed security market. This world gets ever more complex and for certain IT departments they will reach a stage where it is beyond their control, so there is a fantastic opportunity for a security centre within the carriers to bring to market the enhanced services.

“From a carrier's perspective, a lot of their services have begun to plateau so they need to find new services, and to do that they need to go deeper and deeper into organisations and keep offering more and more value.

“I do think to some extent that there is a fantastic opportunity and the providers are in an ideal place to offer that – it is down to them and how proactive and how driven they are in bringing these capabilities to market.

“The consumerisation of IT gives them such a broad front on which to bring managed services, I can only see an opportunity and very little downside.”

Nushi Hernandez, analyst at Canalys, said that if service providers do choose to go down this path, they stand to gain as businesses are becoming more open to outsourcing their security.

“Managing security is becoming more and more complicated, so anything you can outsource adds a benefit, and there is a skills gap in the market at the moment so IT needs to be educated as well; it is not just the users, so they are trying to find the expertise,” she said.

“If you look at small businesses, they do not have the funds or resources that IT managers need, so service providers can offer that opportunity.”


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