Lumension expands endpoint security suite

News by Dan Raywood

Lumension has announced the next version of its endpoint management and security suite to allow for pre-authorisation of applications.

Lumension has announced the next version of its endpoint management and security suite to allow for pre-authorisation of applications.

According to the company, version 7.2 of the Lumension Endpoint Management and Security Suite (L.E.M.S.S.) now fully integrates the Lumension Endpoint Integrity Service (L.E.I.S.); by directly validating executables from original software vendors, referencing the NIST National Software Reference Library (NSRL), and querying the Lumension user community database, it said that organisations can discover and verify the authenticity of all applications found within their endpoint environment and utilise a Lumension application trust rating to make informed decisions on their application policies.

The original technology was launched a year ago; talking to SC Magazine, Lumension SV-P international Alan Bentley said the combination of anti-virus, application control and whitelisting was about "putting trust into the organisation".

He said: “It is about consolidating technology, but the real thing is to be proactive on what can and cannot execute in your environment. The problem with vulnerabilities is there is no patch, you cannot do anything.

“But if malware cannot execute then it is of no use. The weakness in businesses is application control, but that cannot remove malware, so that is where the anti-virus is used.

“We now also allow local authorisations so certain users are privileged outside of the security policy and they can make decisions independently on what is installed. IT can see what is approved and can still retract a download if it is in breach of the IT policy.”

Currently in beta and generally available from June 2012, new features include expanded third-party vulnerability patch content, an integrated endpoint integrity centre and the Lumension trust rating system for increased security, control and optimised management of the application ecosystem.

It said that the integration of the L.E.I.S. within the L.E.M.S.S allows for quick identification of potentially harmful ‘grey' applications, and it provides IT operations with application visibility across their endpoint environment.

Pat Clawson, chairman and CEO of Lumension, said: “Allowing employees to bring personal mobile devices onto the network is not really a question any more. The productivity that organisations gain from this capability is too great to ignore.

“IT is now focused on how best to manage and secure this new way of doing business, and our partnership with Odyssey provides our customers with effective and efficient mobile device management built into an already strong, layered security approach. After all, a mobile device is simply another endpoint that needs to be managed and secured.”


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