Pwnie awards - nominees announced

News by Dan Raywood

The nominations for this year's Pwnie awards have been announced.

The nominations for this year's Pwnie awards have been announced.

With nominations for bugs, exploits and ‘Most Epic FAIL', the winners will be announced this Wednesday at the Blackhat USA conference at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

With eight awards to be presented, at the time of writing the Pwnie for ‘Lamest Vendor Response' was the only without any nominees announced.

The nominees for the Pwnie for ‘Epic 0wnage' goes to the hackers responsible for delivering the most damaging, widely publicised or hilarious 0wnage, according to the organisers. Nominees include Flame authors, certificate authorities and iOS jailbreaks.

Nominations for the Pwnie for ‘Best Client-Side Bug', awarded to the person who discovered or exploited the most technically sophisticated and interesting client-side bug includes several from this year's Pwn2Own and Chromium contests.

These include Pinkie Pie's Pwnium Exploit of six bugs, which got him full remote code execution in Chrome to win Google's Pwnium competition at CanSecWest, and Sergey Glazunov's Pwnium Exploit which took advantage of at least 14 bugs.

Also nominated in this category is researcher Charlie Miller's iOS Code Signing Bypass and the authors of Duqu that could rootkit any version of Windows ever from a font file embedded in a web page or various other file formats.

The nominations for the Pwnie for ‘Most Epic FAIL' will go to either ‘the Anti-Virus Industry' which the organisers commented ‘Do you really need us to elaborate?'; the breach of six million password hashes by LinkedIn; F5 Networks' public root key for SSH authentication, which research revealed was in the firmware and used against any other F5 device; and the controller of the Herpes botnet.


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