GFI to offer services from the cloud via new web-based console

News by Dan Raywood

GFI has launched a web-based platform for the delivery of cloud services.

GFI has launched a web-based platform for the delivery of cloud services.

The company said that GFI Cloud, designed for companies with 500 users or fewer, permits IT administrators within small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to manage their IT systems more easily and efficiently. Initially, GFI Cloud will include the anti-virus suite GFI Vipre Business Online and GFI Network Server Monitor Online that allows administrators the ability to monitor the health of their networks and optimise server and workstation configurations to improve performance.

Speaking to SC Magazine, GFI chief executive Walter Scott said the company spent the last 18 months deciding what was important to do in the next 18 months, and it was going to the cloud for "simplicity, interesting features and as most are not used by the mass market".

“At the end of the year we will add GFI LanGuard technology. We are good at building an infrastructure and we believe that we can build a better product, not just on the cloud but on systems and integration," said Scott.

“This is easier for us to manage and issue updates and upgrades and you do not have to support so many consoles. We can get data easier to fix problems and we can roll it out now. Salesforce would not be the product it was if it was on-premise. For me it is important as to how quickly we can upgrade it, our mantra is if you cannot get it up and working in ten minutes, then we are the wrong company for you.”

According the company, GFI Cloud involves a one-time installation of an agent that links each machine to the management console via the web. Once connected, IT administrators log into GFI Cloud console to manage essential GFI services on all workstations and servers from a single unifying interface.

Regardless of location, the lightweight agent connects each machine to the GFI Cloud over the internet to enable administrators to manage PCs and laptops used by mobile or home-based employees as easily as those that are within their own sites, it claimed.


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