Second 44Con to run over five days with dedicated infosec track day

News by Dan Raywood

This year's 44Con is to feature a dedicated 'infosec/business' track on its first day.

This year's 44Con is to feature a dedicated 'infosec/business' track on its first day.

The conference will be held between the 5th and 7th September at the Millennium Gloucester Conference Centre in London. According to organisers the infosec track is aimed at higher level security staff or those that cannot attend for the full three days. The training sessions will be held on the 3rd and 4th September.

Speaking at the event will be: author Jayson Street on how to engage both management and end-users in the infosec process; Ian Amit from IOActive on better defending your systems by properly configuring, integrating and managing the technical systems you probably already own but don't get full benefit from; and Jitender Arora, CISO at GE Capital UK, on providing data integrity, what he called "the often-neglected element of the traditional confidentiality, integrity and availability triad".

Also visiting for the conference is HP chief security evangelist Rafal Los, who will speak on testing and validating your defences in a real-world environment.

Returning this year is Phil Polstra who, after speaking last year on low-cost USB write blockers and related hardware, will present the hardware device 'The Deck', a customised BeagleBoard embedded computer with a range of security and forensics modules and capabilities.

Also, Rafael Dominguez Vega and ‘Nils' from MWR Infosecurity will discuss the vulnerabilities and exploitation of chip and PIN terminals using the EMV protocol. Nils and Martyn Ruks from MWR will also discuss the security improvements, vulnerabilities and defences in 4G/LTE networks, which are currently rolling out for trial in the UK. Meanwhile, Arron ‘Finux' Finnon will present the findings of his research into using and abusing IPS devices.

In the presentations covering malware techniques, Michael Boman and Siavosh Zarrasvand will provide a how-to guide for anyone interested in investigating and analysing malware using affordable off-the-shelf tools and techniques. In ‘Friendly Fire', Curt Shaffer, Chris Cuevas and Chris John Riley analyse the use of white listing systems as an alternative to traditional anti-malware techniques, and discuss the issues and vulnerabilities in current implementations.

There will also be a number of workshops, ‘fast track' talks, social events and a range of training courses. Further details are available here and will be updated ahead of the event.

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