Cyber Security Challenge candidates fail to utilise free training

News by Dan Raywood

Cyber Security Challenge candidates are failing to take up an option on free training.

Cyber Security Challenge candidates are failing to take up an option on free training.

Terry Neal, CEO of Infosec Skills, said it is offering training and education modules to those who enter the Cyber Security Challenge but only 20 per cent took up the option in the first year.

Speaking to SC Magazine, Neal said that of the 60 who signed up, very few had completed the modules despite it being free and the candidate receiving a certificate at the end of the process.

He said: “We are making free training available, but they have not taken them up and completed the two stages of the two modules. They are open to anyone who submits an attempt to the Cyber Security Challenge, their score is irrelevant.”

Neal said that one module is offered in information security management and another in information security architecture, and that rather than being technical they are a foundation block that candidates can "take as it will contribute to their career".

Neal said: “We are sponsors of the Cyber Security Challenge as we believe in what they are doing, and we offer training that candidates can use to understand the principles of information security. By taking the modules, they can shout about it, as it will be a differentiator for them.”

He said that of the 53 people that were given access to the modules, only three had completed the two stages so far and completed the final survey. Candidates are given four months of free access to complete the modules and 15-20 had done the first two of the two modules.

“If you started it, make sure you finish it, as it will support the rest of your career,” he said.


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