United Nations to issue warning on Flame

News by Dan Raywood

The United Nations is to issue a warning to governments about the Flame worm.

The United Nations is to issue a warning to governments about the Flame worm.

According to Reuters, the UN has said that this is the "most serious warning ever" as the worm could possibly attack critical infrastructure.

Marco Obiso, cyber security co-ordinator for the UN's Geneva-based International Telecommunications Union, said he felt this was a much more serious threat than Stuxnet, and UN member nations "should be on alert".

He said that the union would set up a program to collect data, including virus samples, to track Flame's spread around the globe and observe any changes in its composition.

Speaking to SC Magazine, Check Point security evangelist Tomer Teller said there were good and bad sides to the amount of coverage given to the Flame virus. He said: “It is good for awareness as it is on the first page of the newspaper and my mother will read it and she will learn about viruses, so it helps awareness.

“On the downside the hype can lead to assumptions about who built it; that is not important, what is is why we did not detect it. There are also assumptions about when it was built as the creators messed with the dates so we do not know when it was made, but there is no new exploit and the Stuxnet exploit was patched in 2010 – and this was unlikely to have attacked in the past two years.

“If it was deployed before Stuxnet, then they probably installed a rootkit before the anti-virus to make sure it was not detected. My assumption is that this was around more than two years ago and kept hiding until we found the files.”


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