Anonymous plans fresh offensive against Sony

News by Darren Pauli

The Anonymous group has announced plans to launch a fresh attack on Sony on Monday.

The Anonymous group has announced plans to launch a fresh attack on Sony on Monday.

In punishment for supporting the controversial US Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), Anonymous said that it plans to plaster Sony's homepage with pirated music. Anonymous said it will hack and load the homepage with BitTorrent files that allow users to download copyright-protected music and movies; it also plans to hit Sony Music's online store, reducing the cost of songs to zero.

If it is successful, personal details of company executives will also be plastered on the defaced homepage, in an act known as doxing.

Certain skilled hackers have been placed into elite, members-only teams called Eta, Theta and Zeta. Eta will try to eliminate price tags on the Sony store, Zeta will try to upload the payload and redirect Sony's visitors to it, while Theta will attempt to prevent Sony from rectifying the damage.

The remaining Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma teams have developed the payload and are open for anyone to participate. Alpha is collating copyright-infringing torrents, Gamma is working on doxing Sony executives and Delta is drafting a press release.

Anonymous insiders offered few further details about the plan, beyond that the OpSony campaign hinges on the hackers' ability to crack Sony's defences. Team Delta's draft press release was optimistic: “Last April, we took down the PlayStation Network. We are firmly rooted in your servers and we can, at will, take them down again.”


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