Anonymous targets Finland over Pirate Bay blocking

News by Dan Raywood

An online anti-piracy group in Finland has been attacked by Anonymous after access was blocked to The Pirate Bay.

An online anti-piracy group in Finland has been attacked by Anonymous after access was blocked to The Pirate Bay.

Anonymous encouraged followers to target the Copyright Information and Anti-Piracy Centre (CIAPC) after it persuaded the Helsinki District Court to force ISP Elisa to block access to the file-sharing site.

CIAPC, a non-profit group, took The Pirate Bay to court in Helsinki last year on behalf of the Finnish recording industry association, ruling that Elisa must block access to the website. It complied with the ruling on Monday.

Anonymous member and suspected former leader of LulzSec, ‘Sabu', encouraged a focus on Finland "and every country like it who [sic] has begun a campaign of censorship". He added: “Let us show the Government we will no longer allow censorship to take place.”

Sabu also got embroiled in a debate on Twitter with Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at Finnish anti-virus vendor F-Secure, over the company's stance on privacy and its backing for this move. He accused F-Secure of supporting the censorship in Finland and Elisa and said: "Anyone using F-Secure products should boycott immediately. They are in accordance with the Finnish government to censor their web."

Another account, tweeting at ‘Anon Finland', has published the mobile phone number of Tommi Kyyrä of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) and encouraged "people, Anons, Finns and followers" to "melt his mobile". 

However, Anon Finland denied sending a bomb threat to CIAPC after Reuters reported that it had received an email, signed by Anonymous Finland, which said CIAPC's office in downtown Helsinki would be bombed this week.

Anon Finland said "Anonymous doesn't condone the use of physical violence".

Update – It has emerged that a court in the Hague has ruled that Dutch ISPs XS4ALL and Ziggo must block the IP addresses and domain names of The Pirate Bay. According to a report by, anti-piracy programme the BREIN foundation has called the move "appropriate" and said access must be blocked within ten days.

Anonymous responded with a statement on Pastebin that said it would "not sit idle while BREIN removes parts of our interwebz".

It said: “Undock your battle ships! Sailing these shallow Dutch seas we will hit this enemy vessel under its waterline. They should have expected us.”


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