Dell World: Senior executives talk up software and security

News by Dan Raywood

Security and modern threats were some of the key talking points in panel session of senior executives from Dell.

Security and modern threats were some of the key talking points in panel session of senior executives from Dell.

Speaking at the Dell World conference in Austin, Texas, founder and CEO Michael Dell said that having made $5 billion worth of acquisitions this year, much has been invested in research and development and training its people.

With major acquisitions made in the security space in the last two years, specifically of Quest, SonicWall and SecureWorks, Dell said that he 'heard the challenges and saw the opportunities' and that 'having only products was insufficient', so it needed to go beyond the company's origins and into services to address the bigger challenges.

He said: “We are really able to address the problem that the customer has to put together, address the fundamental issues and help customers address IT security in a holistic fashion, this is more or less an issue that all businesses face. We bring it all together and help them address it.”

Suresh Vaswani, president of Dell Services, said that the company had a 'very pivotal role as a provider' that was all about consulting, managing across its software products and solutions. He said: “With security, we have the best in the world here. Dell is a full services provider.”

Dell software president John Swainson, talking about the formation of the software group within the company, said that software 'is the glue that ties hardware and software and services experience together' and gives the user what they want.

“With security and rise of advanced persistent threats, it is about how we give the ability to secure environments and secure data, our gems are stitched together to create a solution, it is integrated. What customers need is to see what is going on in their environment, across servers and hardware and see it together,” he said.

Swainson later said that it will do what is right in security, which is not everything, and leverage the device itself and manage the security on it, the currency of it, and access to it and the data. “We will partner with vendors and people who provide solutions, but we have a free way of security to monitor and have a well integrated security service,” he said.

Vaswani said: “We consult on the security services which users face, we have a knowledge of the sector and we implement security solutions on their intellectual property and manage that so customers get an end-to-end solution."

Dell concluded by saying that as the nature of attacks evolve so quickly and it is responsible for protecting thousands of customers, Dell can help protect its customers in an unprecedented way. “We have invested deeply in technology and in people who can protect in an unprecedented fashion,” Dell said.


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