AVG address the 'need for speed' with Internet Security 2012

News by Dan Raywood

AVG has announced the launch of the next version of its Internet Security product.

AVG has announced the launch of the next version of its Internet Security product.

With a large emphasis placed on its speed capabilities and small footprint, AVG senior security analyst Tony Anscombe told SC Magazine that it was created following feedback from user communities.

He said that users wanted choice and AVG wanted to offer the end-user the capability to choose whatever services they wanted.It includes an integrated security firewall and AVG LinkScanner as well as the option to switch some functions off if they are not required.

According to the company, AVG Internet Security 2012 has a file size of 65 megabytes, while full disk scans have been speeded by up to 50 per cent and browser launch times enhanced by up to ten per cent.

New features include the AVG Accelerator that maximises computer connectivity to deliver online content so that less time is spent waiting for videos and other content-rich files to download.

Anscombe said: “Accelerator speeds up the download of files as a user can lose interest with pauses if they are watching a business deliver a message. So this is about removing the pause with the optimisation of the internet connection.”

Also launched is AVG Advisor, which provides assistance and recommendations in case of detected memory problems caused by browser sessions where tabs have been open for a long time.

Anscombe said: “Users want everything instantly but they will have to wait sometimes and they do not restart the machine for several days for that reason. The browser consumes more and more resources and slows the computer down.

“So this technology looks at the resources that are being used and if the browser is at an unacceptable level, a window will appear and say that it is time to restart and their computer will run as normal. We have made the application smaller, lighter and faster with less memory resources than the previous version so we see this as a significant enhancement.”

Anscombe told SC Magazine that AVG Internet Security 2012 was about speed and the user experience, but not about taking a step back. “What we are trying to do is put choice back to the user as in the small-to-medium business it is often about speed and the ease of use,” he said.


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