"Anonymous" Shetlander no longer anonymous as Met name arrested man in Topiary case

News by Dan Raywood

A Shetland Islands man charged with computer offences has been named by the Metropolitan Police.

A Shetland Islands man charged with computer offences has been named by the Metropolitan Police.

The 18-year old was named as Jake Davis and charged with unauthorised computer access and conspiracy to carry out a distributed denial of service attack on the Serious Organised Crime Agency's (SOCA) website. He faced five charges at Westminster Magistrates' Court today and has been given conditional bail until 30th August.

It's also claimed that Davis was the man behind the Sun redirect last week, where users were sent to a page claiming that News Corporation founder Rupert Murdoch had died, and that he also 'coordinated' Anonymous and LulzSec attacks from his home.

As reported by SC Magazine last week, it was suspected that the man arrested was the LulzSec member and spokesperson ‘Topiary'. However despite the LulzSec Twitter feed falling silent since the arrest, there is still suspicion in security circles that the wrong man may have been arrested.

Softpedia said online speculation was that Topiary was actaully a Swede named Daniel Ackerman Sandberg, while Rik Ferguson, director of security and research at Trend Micro, told SC Magazine that fast confirmation by LulzSec and hacktivists Anonymous that the right man has been arrested made him wonder if this was a clever social engineering trick to dissuade attention away from the correct people.

LulzSec member and suspected LulzSec leader ‘Sabu' said on his Twitter feed that ‘any member of Anonymous who gets arrested must be treated as a political prisoner' and that ‘political asylum should be considered'.

He also said: “Will we see similar arrests for the voicemail ‘hacks' done for profit or will the Met simply arrest those who hack for political dissent?”


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