Zenprise launches cloud-based mobile security solution

News by Dan Raywood

Zenprise has launched a cloud-based mobile security and device management solution.

Zenprise has launched a cloud-based mobile security and device management solution.

Named Zencloud, it is a cloud-based version of its on-premise solution that offers the flexibility to run as a public cloud, private cloud or in a hybrid mode. According to the company, it enables enterprises to perform core mobile device management functions and set security policies on devices, enabling them to seal the enterprise perimeter from mobile threats and make a ‘closed-loop' solution.

Ahmed Datoo, vice president of marketing at Zenprise, told SC Magazine that this was developed with three core concepts. These are: that until now it has been how to protect a device and if it is lost how it is wiped; securing an always-on model and dealing with data security; and it not being about deploying one device at a time, it is about large-scale deployment.

He said: “The solution is to host it in the cloud. We are so confident in this that we are offering a 100 per cent service level agreement (SLA) so whenever there is an outage, we will pay for it. We have designed this so it is always on and we want to talk about what makes it unique.

“You get IT staff often saying if it is hosted how long does it take to fix? If there is an outage we want it to cost us so we feel the pain if we do not fix it faster.”

Jayaram Bhat, CEO of Zenprise, said: “To protect the entire mobile enterprise, Zenprise has built solutions from the ground up to offer products that are scalable, fault tolerant and resilient. Since any outage can potentially create security vulnerability, today's announcement of our new cloud-based solution and 100 per cent SLA demonstrates our uncompromising level of service and support while backing it up financially.”


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