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Qualys has launched a business version of its BrowserCheck plug-in to help users identify and fix browser security issues.

Qualys has launched a business version of its BrowserCheck plug-in to help users identify and fix browser security issues.

BrowserCheck Business Edition is a free service helping IT administrators get a clear view of web browser security across their organisations.

Initially launched a year ago as a consumer offering, the business edition provides administrators with a unique URL to give to users inside the company, which allows users to scan their browsers and plug-ins for security issues and provides clear instructions on how to fix them, according to Qualys. It helps administrators track the state of browser security in their companies over time.

Speaking to SC Magazine, Qualys CTO Wolfgang Kandek said that an IT administrator can create an account and then roll BrowserCheck out across the business. “It will tell them how many machines are using what operating system and what the vulnerabilities are. You can add a machine name and Mac address to the data and if you are an administrator, you can see what state a user is in,” he said.

“This is good for smaller companies, it is still free and companies with tens or hundreds of staff will find it very useful. Nothing has changed in terms of the content and you still download the plug-in and run a scan but it is up to the IT person to encourage it.”

Kandek revealed that since the launch of the original version of BrowserCheck 11 months ago, it had been downloaded half a million times and the most vulnerable third-party application was Java with 19 per cent of users vulnerable, while 12 per cent of vulnerabilities were related to Adobe Reader.

“Millions of people use their web browsers every day to access data and use applications from their computers or mobile devices. The migration of data and applications to the cloud means activity through web browsers will increase, making it an increasingly popular target of attack,” said Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO of Qualys.

A new survey by Forrester reveals 56 per cent of third party code is untested. Listen to Forrester and SC Magazine dissecting the results http://ow.ly/59hLF

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