French P2P monitoring firm hit by hackers

News by Dan Raywood

French net piracy firm Trident Media Guard (TMG) has been attacked by hacktivists.

French net piracy firm Trident Media Guard (TMG) has been attacked by hacktivists.

The government-appointed company, who were employed to track down net pirates and monitor peer-to-peer networks as part of France's efforts to find those guilty of copyright infringements, confirmed it had 'temporarily suspended' with the government.

According to The Register, Eric Walter, France's secretary general of internet piracy, made the announcement over Twitter on Tuesday, saying that Hadopi, short for the High Authority for the dissemination of works and the protection of rights, was taking control of Trident Media Guard 'following the leak of IP addresses'.

Edy Almer VP product management and marketing at Safend, said: “The data breach suffered by TMG highlights the need for vendors, as well as government organisations whose role is to protect data, IP and personal information, to bear in mind that the data they collect for protection purposes can be used against them.

“Organisations must take extra diligence to enable protection of all data, collect only what is absolutely necessary and ensure it is stored in a secure manner. While no system is perfect, having best of breed security will take you a long way towards avoiding the headlines”.


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