Cisco enhances borderless networking to enforce device management

News by Dan Raywood

Cisco has evolved its borderless networking technology to offer secure access for any device and unified management.

Cisco has evolved its borderless networking technology to offer secure access for any device and unified management.

According to the company, it is now delivering networking technology that enables IT to centrally manage and automate security and access control for any device across the organisation. Launched to the portfolio is the Identity Services Engine (ISE) that enables organisations to efficiently define and manage organisation-wide security policies.

It said that ISE solves the 'any device' challenge by enforcing context-aware access security policy, automating security across the organisation with network-enforced access policies and encryption. It also enables policy definitions that mirror business rules, based on user, device, application and location.

Maurizio Taffone, borderless networks technical product lead at Cisco Europe, told SC Magazine that this move was 'all about the sequel of joining environments into the Cisco vision' and was related to three elements: centralised policy; unified management; and authentication for video and voice.

He said: “The plan of borderless networking is to connect anyone, anywhere and at any time securely and that is what we are working over. Taking in the element of the massive introduction of mobile devices into the workplace and accounting for those that may not be the property of the company, the reality is about ‘gluing' elements together and keeping the premise of borderless network on one side.”

The company has also launched Cisco Prime for Enterprise to enable IT departments to manage their networks and network services more effectively. It said that this strategy is built on a service-centric foundation and a set of common operational attributes. It aims to deliver an workflow-oriented user experience across Cisco architectures, technologies and networks to simplify network management, improve operations efficiency, speed troubleshooting and increase network predictability.

Taffone said: “Cisco Prime is a collection of four elements. NCS 1.0 is an element that glues together wide and wireless elements and obtain capability of wide and wireless management solutions. We have an element called ‘NAM', a distributed traffic analyser that offers a management capability and measures on how applications perform. There is also a physical element that you can add into the architecture.

“Simply this is about making life easier with centralised management in a secure way to provide, manage and exploit video without expensive operations or man power. Borderless network is not a concept but a set of technologies that support a solution to connect anyone securely and reliably,” said Taffone.

“You can create a secure policy in a flexible way and can apply entitlement to any device anywhere, if you connect from outside and will not have access to certain data.”


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