Breaking news: Symantec to offer data loss prevention for tablets

News by Dan Raywood

Symantec will begin offering data loss prevention (DLP) for tablet computers from next year.

Symantec will begin offering data loss prevention (DLP) for tablet computers from next year.

Calling it the "first comprehensive DLP solution for the monitoring and protection of sensitive information on tablet computers", it said it will help solve one of today's most urgent problems, with content-aware protection added for this corporate endpoint.

Scheduled for release in early 2012, the product will be priced per tablet, and support for the Android operating system is scheduled to follow. Symantec said Data Loss Prevention for Tablet will enable users to utilise the tablets while monitoring and controlling the transmission of confidential data from these devices with content awareness; it adds to its set of encryption solutions ranging from full disk encryption and removable storage to email and server solutions.

Speaking at the Symantec Vision conference in Barcelona, Francis deSouza, group president of enterprise products and services at Symantec, said that this was developed to meet the needs of those employees who choose to use the iPad for work. He said: "It is important to know that data is not leaving the iPad so we are launching our DLP technology on to the mobile device."

Art Gilliland, senior vice-president of the information security group at Symantec, said: “With the massive growth in tablet adoptions, customers have struggled how to extend information protection to this new consumer tool as it makes its way onto the enterprise networks.

“Symantec Data Loss Prevention for Tablet will enable IT teams to better support their businesses in adopting this new technology, while also maintaining strong protections for their sensitive information.”

Chirantan 'CJ' Desai, senior vice president of the endpoint and mobility group at Symantec, explained that the DLP application works by filtering HTTP traffic through a VPN tunnel. "This means that all traffic is routed through the DLP platform so it is a like a proxy for HTTP and SMTP," he said.

Also launched by Symantec is a cloud security platform designed to protect all enterprise cloud applications and  infrastructures. According to the company, Symantec O3 combines access control, information protection and compliance control in a single security solution that allows enterprise customers to extend their internal security policies to public and private cloud services.

Symantec said this provides three core security layers: the cloud access control layer leverages an enterprise existing identity infrastructure for authentication, while enabling authorisation and federation services; the information security layer builds on Symantec's DLP and PGP encryption technologies to automatically detect, block and encrypt confidential information before it is stored in the cloud; and the visibility layer aggregates all cloud-related security events to provide the foundation for a comprehensive cloud audit.

Gilliland said: “As organisations work to embrace cloud-delivered services, they struggle to balance the potential benefits with the many challenges created as their sensitive information flows between an increasing number of solution providers, over networks, through organisations and down to devices outside of their infrastructure. Symantec O3 will provide the visibility, control and protection they need to confidently embrace cloud computing.”


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