Zenprise brings DLP to the mobile

News by Dan Raywood

Zenprise has launched an enterprise data-loss protection (DLP) solution for mobile users.

Zenprise has launched an enterprise data-loss protection (DLP) solution for mobile users.

As part of its MobileManager suite, the mobile DLP solution offers administrators the ability to monitor user behavior in order to set and apply effective policies for controlling and protecting mobile devices on the network.

According to the company, the solution works by transparently monitoring and securing content at the data layer, rather than by trying to isolate or contain applications. It allows users to view documents, but with controls built in to ensure that they cannot be sent on and that the data will expire after a certain time.

Ahmed Datoo, chief marketing officer at Zenprise, told SC Magazine that the mobile blind spot is a problem, particularly with employees using personal tablets in lieu of PCs.

He said: “IT managers have no idea what is stored on them. This is a mobile DLP solution that works with the application on the device and allows users to view documents in Sharepoint.

“However, built-in content-aware tools will prevent the user from attaching a document to a webmail account, for example, or provide a data trail. An administrator can remove files from the device that are confidential and decide what is removed from the device.”

Datoo confirmed that this is currently only offered for Apple iOS devices, but an Android version is expected before the end of the year. He explained that controls are set on the document to be effective at the application level, and it is designed to not impact the user experience.

“The way that vendors approach mobile device management is interesting, as historically it has been an all or nothing approach,” he said.

Also added is Zenprise's Mobile Security Intelligence, which offers the ability to trigger a notification if an application on a device is probing the network and allows IT administrators visibility of mobile network traffic and behaviour by device, user, system or application.

See Zenprise at the SC Magazine ‘Securing The Mobile Enterprise' conference in November, presenting on ‘Protecting the Enterprise in your Pocket'.


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