Red Lambda announces European launch

Opinion by Dan Raywood

The software company Red Lambda announced its entry into the European market this week with the launch of MetaGrid.

The software company Red Lambda announced its entry into the European market this week with the launch of MetaGrid.

Intended to offer a form of crowd-sourcing to increase the scale, speed and efficacy of security and operational intelligence for companies with big data IT challenges, the company describes the technology as "next-generation security and operational intelligence software".

Talking to SC Magazine this week, COO Todd Krautkremer said the company was formed in Orlando following an establishment at the University of Florida by founder and CTO Rob Bird, and now has bases in Minnesota and Southern California, with its UK office in London.

Krautkremer said the concept of the company was to "apply virtual super-computing technology to security". With a full public launch just over a year ago, a team was hired to take on the security market, and the first result was MetaGrid.

Krautkremer said: “This is a software application that sits on our platform ‘AppIron', which is essentially a super-computer with MetaGrid sitting as a layer on top to do unusual anomaly detection and situational awareness.

“This brings computers together to pass out tasks to create a response. Our grid is a combination of distributed computers, P2P networks and surface technology. These are brought together to create a super-computer, and the knowledge can be applied to security.” 

It said it is the first company to combine big data technologies to create an ultra-scalable, purpose-built software platform designed to keep pace with the increasing volume, variety and velocity of IT operational data and find the threats and opportunities buried within it.

Krautkremer said the idea of a crowd-sourced grid network of intelligence allows threats to be seen outside of the perimeter, while current tool-sets focus on known threats.

“Attacks have changed and the network has changed, so securing big data is a problem, and in trying to solve the new security problem we analyse new information at every moment to determine an investigation,” he said.

“We believe that bringing all of the big data together and analysing it, we can determine if it is a threat or not. We are capturing data and developing for ‘unknown unknowns'. This is a whole new era of security that we are focused on.

“If you can consolidate and work in the way that your adversaries are, you can crunch petabytes of information to provide an advantage.”

Once data is captured and analysed to find anomalies, it is shared across the grid and compared with other knowledge. Krautkremer said this is similar to how hedge-fund technologies index and parse data, and by the time it gets to a user it has been analysed with intelligence in the memory.

Bird said: “Security, as with most aspects of IT operations, has been a big data problem for years. AppIron and MetaGrid fuse massively scalable grid computing, relational stream processing and breakthrough artificial intelligence into a single, cohesive solution that transcends the capabilities of conventional approaches and delivers true situational awareness.”


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