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JPMorgan Chase CSO reportedly reassigned following data breach

JPMorgan Chase & Co's CSO Jim Cummings reportedly was reassigned to a new position within the bank following the company's major data breach this past year.

New group begins ranking international tech companies and telecoms on respect for users' rights

The Ranking Digital Rights group released its inaugural "Corporate Accountability Index" which ranks 16 of "the world's largest internet and telecommunications companies"

OMB issues detailed cyber-security plan and guidance for agencies

Following the high-profile hacking of key agencies, the US government initiated a cyber-security "sprint" which has resulted in the release in the past week of two memorandums to boost resiliency.

CISA Watch: Bill's critics not enough to overpower US government support

With the Senate's opinion and vote solidified on the Cyber Information Sharing Act (CISA), most everyone weighed in with their thoughts via press release, Twitter and broad forum discussions.