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New hacker groups emerging in Asia and in the Middle East, finds Kaspersky

Security researchers observed a noticeable spurt in the activities of advanced persistent threat (APT) groups based in certain parts of Asia and in the Middle East during the first three months of the year.

Two East Asian APT groups stage cyber-espionage attacks

OceanLotus hits targets in Southeast Asia, while PlugX malware steals pharmaceutical data. APT groups are targeting high-profile corporate and government targets in Southeast Asia, security researchers have discovered.

Content distributor Crunchyroll blames DNS hijack for malicious redirection

Asian entertainment website is blaming a DNS hijack attack after site visitors in the early morning of 4 November were redirected to a malicious website designed to infect them with malware.

Hackers have stolen £49 million worth of bitcoins

£49 million worth of Bitcoins have been stolen from Hong Kong-based bitcoin exchange causing the price of Bitcoin to drop, and thus shaking confidence in the Bitcoin space.

North Korea prepared for massive cyber-attack on South Korea

South Korean law enforcement officials said North Korea spent two years hacking into more than 100,000 computers as a prelude to a nationwide cyber-attack.

Hacked filipino voter records made public

Filipino voting records which were breached earlier this month have now been made public and searchable.