Companies need to assess what software and licenses they have and work with them rather than spending on unnecessary products.


Speaking at the launch of the Enhancing Five Key Areas of Windows Security - Utilising Technologies Existing in the Workplace', advisory paper, Stuart Okin, UK managing director of Comsec Consulting, claimed that network access protection and control is often switched off and companies should use it more effectively.


Okin claimed that it ‘is often used for encryption but a better use of it is for end-to-end authentication. It tends to get a bad name, but now implementation is very good. But people are buying third party products to do this when there is no need'.


He further claimed that he knew people who have bought products to do the segmentation, and recommended doing an audit of what benefits your existing software has.


Okin said: “I would say if nothing else try using it before you spend money on other licenses. There are things you can do to save money on security. How much are you really spending on security? I have been told that a company spend can be anything from 0.1 per cent up to eight per cent, of all the companies I spoke to only one person knew to the dollar what they spent.


“This is a huge amount of money, the heads of security are being told to slash five per cent off their budget and if they don't know where it is being spent and don't realise where it is being spent unnecessarily, it could be staff who are cut.”