Astaro has announced the availability of version 7.4 of its gateway appliance.


The new appliance update boasts more than 200 new security features including HTTPS URL filtering, wide area network link balancing and site-to-site SSL VPN capabilities.


The filtering engine allows users to filter and control secure web traffic by intercepting encrypted HTTPS traffic and examining the content for malware, stop spyware infections and control the types of sites that can be accessed.


Jan Hichert, CEO of Astaro, said: “We are seeing increased use in environments like schools, where students physically bring in programs on USB sticks and use them to circumvent security. The portability of these programs, combined with their use of HTTPS introduces a serious risk of infection or a student accessing inappropriate material.


“Teachers are even using these programs to surf freely on their breaks. The HTTPS URL filtering provided by Astaro prevents these applications from hiding browsing activity, and more importantly stops any risk of malware being downloaded.”