Astaro is offering secure remote access to iPad users to allow them to connect to their business or home networks using its security gateway.

The company claimed that its security gateway supports PPTP, L2TP and IPsec VPN connections to allow users to establish secure network connections with the iPad.

Additionally, private users can connect their iPad to their home networks using the home use edition of the Astaro Security Gateway, which is a full version of the security appliance available for free to all home users.

Gert Hansen, vice president of product management at Astaro, said: “The iPad has achieved massive sales numbers and shows strong consumer demand for this type of device, and businesses will have to face the issue of how employees can securely use it for business tasks while on the road.

“Connecting to the network with the Astaro Security Gateway means employees can securely access their resources via the iPad. This feature is not reserved to Astaro customers as it is also included in the Essential Firewall edition that is free for business use.

“The iPad has a lot of great personal uses such as watching movies and TV using apps like AirVideo. With the Astaro Security Gateway Home Use edition, iPad users can access multimedia content on their home network wherever they have connectivity to the internet.”