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Strengths: Very responsive with strong performance. Has all necessary security and content management features

Weaknesses: It is a security gateway that may contain unneeded features

Verdict: A great product at a highly competitive price

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Astaro Security Gateway 7.5 is a hardware appliance that provides many different security features rolled into one. For the purpose of this review, we focused on its email security and content management features.

However, it is noteworthy to state that it is actually an all-in-one security device and includes VPN, IPS, firewall and other security capabilities not addressed in this test. The vendor should be contacted for specifics on licensing and feature enablement.

Setup for the Astaro device was a breeze. The web-based user interface (UI) was one of the most responsive we tested and navigating through modules and enabling/disabling options was effortless. It is one of the best organised and informative UIs we have tested in quite a while.

From a performance perspective, Astaro Security Gateway reacts very well. The market for this particular appliance is mid-sized businesses of up to 150 users. For this particular segment, it packs a lot of well-organised email security features into the price. Although not as granular as some higher end pure-play email security devices, it offers great anti-spam, anti-virus and gateway encryption (TLS) options.

Content filtering is also available; however, the device does not come with any pre-populated dictionary files to search for sensitive information.

Additionally, policies are not applied at a detailed message level, but are at a bit higher domain level, which provides enough profiling flexibility for any mid-sized business. Overall, we were impressed with the features, given the market for this particular device.

Documentation was adequate but not great. We would have liked to see a bit more detail, but there are a lot of features and options to pack into a help file, given the role of this device.

The Astaro website provides a wealth of information for any type of buyer and is very informative and helpful.

Support for the product is bundled into gold (12/5) and platinum (24/7) packages and both are available for additional fees beyond the base cost of the product.

At a price of c£1,630, Astaro Security Gateway is good value for money, and is a strong performer in the email security and content management space.

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