ATM Compromise News, Articles and Updates

Researchers find new ATM jackpotting malware, possibly under development

Researchers have uncovered a new ATM jackpotting malware program that features a smaller system footprint and a simpler graphical user interface than its typical of its brethren.

Analysis: Japanese ATM super-raiders bag £9m in 3 hours

Japanese criminals exploit stolen South African bank data to withdraw 1.4 billion Japanese yen (£9 million) using cloned bank cards.

New version of Skimer ATM malware comes back after several year absence

Trojan allows hackers to make cash withdrawals from ATMs using "magic" cards and also skim card data from users without the need for external hardware.

ATM compromises jumped 546% in the US from 2014 to 2015

The US has seen the highest ATM compromise rate ever recorded by the FICO® Card Alert Service, which monitors hundreds of thousands of ATMs in the US.