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Two charged in ATM 'jackpotting' scheme that yielded £35K

Two men, who reportedly posed as ATM repairmen at a Citizen's Bank branch in Connecticut, were charged with infecting a drive-through ATM with malware and stealing up to US$ 50,000 (£35,000) in a jackpotting scheme.

Prilex and Cutlet Maker ATM malwares uniquely target users

Trend Micro researchers spotted two ATM malware families one of which, Prilex, uses highly targeted attacks to hijack banking applications and another, Cutlet Maker, which is a flexible standalone application for emptying the ATM's safe.

More ATM network attacks expected, US and Canada to be targeted

Network segregation is no longer enough to keep bank ATM networks safe from cyber-crooks, and network attacks in bigger regions such as the United States and Canada, are expected to start happening in 2017 and beyond.

Vulnerability discovered in ATM cash machine security enables theft

Hackers could steal money using flaw in ATM security software that enables thieves to increase their user privileges via ARP spoofing.

ICYMI: NCSC, FSB, ATM malware, D-link routers and the ICO

This week: the NCSC, Russian intelligence to decrypt internet traffic, (ba)d-link routers, ICO urges action on GDPR, and ATM malware gang member.

ATM malware gang member arrested in Romania

The City of London Police have arrested a man in Romania charged with involvement in a campaign that installed malware on to ATMs around the UK

Cash machines in malware risk as embedded Windows XP reaches end of life

Banks are strictly when it comes to updating embedded Windows XP operating systems in their ATMs, leaving 65,000 cash cows vulnerable to malware milking.

New malware discovered abusing ATMs in Mexico

Proofpoint researchers have discovered a variant of GreenDispenser malware menacing ATM cash machines in Mexico.