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Researchers find new ATM jackpotting malware, possibly under development

Researchers have uncovered a new ATM jackpotting malware program that features a smaller system footprint and a simpler graphical user interface than its typical of its brethren.

Two charged in ATM 'jackpotting' scheme that yielded £35K

Two men, who reportedly posed as ATM repairmen at a Citizen's Bank branch in Connecticut, were charged with infecting a drive-through ATM with malware and stealing up to US$ 50,000 (£35,000) in a jackpotting scheme.

Jackpotting attacks are forcing ATMs to 'make it rain'

Organised criminals are physically accessing ATM machines and infecting them with malware that makes them spit out cash, in what reports are calling the first-ever confirmed case of "jackpotting" attacks in the US.

ATMii ATM malware uses two modules, simple yet effective

A new family of ATM malware, dubbed ATMii, is using legitimate proprietary libraries and a small piece of code to cause the machines to spit out money and targets older Windows versions.

More ATM network attacks expected, US and Canada to be targeted

Network segregation is no longer enough to keep bank ATM networks safe from cyber-crooks, and network attacks in bigger regions such as the United States and Canada, are expected to start happening in 2017 and beyond.

ATM Black Box attack heists lead to arrest of 27 European cyber-crooks

Efforts of a number of EU Member States and Norway have culminated in arrests of 27 people connected to ATM "Black Box" attacks across Europe.

ICYMI: Blacknurse, Facebook Spam, ATM Machines, NSA and the Three breach

This week, A Blacknurse DDoS that can cripple with only one laptop, Facebook spam delivers Locky, ATM scammers, NSA's dark tower and two arrests after the three data breach.

European ATM cyber-attacks up 28%, those using dynamite up 30%

The increasing security provided by EMV payment cards, or chip cards, may be compelling European criminals to eschew the use of malware in favour of explosives to steal money from ATMs.

Three arrested in £1.8mil ($2.5M) Taiwanese ATM malware heist

Three suspects were arrested after a network of Eastern European and Russian cyber-criminals used malware to steal £1.8mil ($2.5 million) in cash from dozens of machines around the country.

Windows XP and USB ports making cash machine vulnerable to attack

According to Kaspersky, ATMs are far easier to get into that you might think

Hackers increase attacks on Russian online banking

Amid the growing number of cyber-attacks on their internet systems, Russian banks are considering designing new systems of IT security.

Russian banks combat Tyupkin ATM malware gang

Russian banks see Tyupkin ATM malware use rise in Russia and take steps to locate culprits.

New malware hits ATM and electronic ticketing machines

Both ATMs and electronic ticketing machines are facing further hacks as fraudsters focus on inadequately defended environments.

UK police arrest trio over £1.6 million cyber theft from cash machines

London Police have arrested three suspected members of an Eastern European cyber-crime gang who installed malware on more than 50 bank ATM machines across the UK to steal £1.6 million.

Brian Krebs: How Target was targeted

Internal network analysis security would have stopped this attack - Peter Wood, Firstbase CEO

ATM hackers tap the power of the USB

Hackers combine physical and electronic attack vectors to get access to hard cash.

RBS and NatWest websites hit by second cyber attack

UK banks NatWest and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) are facing up to their second cyber attack in the space of a week, with their customers unable to access their online banking accounts.

Indian computer authorities to investigate what led to ATM heist

The two payment processors that were attacked to pull off a daring global ATM heist have been named, according to a report.