AT&T has become the latest carrier to move deeper into the provision of security services by announcing the release of cloud-based encryption offerings.

The AT&T Encryption Services portfolio, which the carrier revealed yesterday, includes a range of encryption offerings for both emails and confidential documents as well as options for the management of digital signatures.

The carrier is aiming to help corporates prevent information leakage and data theft. S. Dale McHenry, vice president of enterprise network services for AT&T said: "AT&T's managed security services provide businesses with the tools and resources that they need to securely handle their data, helping to enforce data privacy and save money with the electronic transfer of documents."

Part of AT&T's offering is an encrypted document delivery service which the carrier hopes will in part replace postal transmission of sensitive documents like statements, invoices and confidential letters.

Encryption can be offered to all employees in a business, or it can be provided at a departmental level, AT&T said.

Several carriers have launched security services to try to drive additional revenues from their network infrastructure.

A week ago, Verizon Business extended its unified threat management offering through a new partnership with appliance vendor Fortinet. Verizon already offered the service with Cisco and Juniper equipment.