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Ransomware up 350% says 2018 Global Threat Intelligence Report

NTT Security 2018 Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR): Ransomware up 350% and spyware ranks first in volume of malware at 26% reflecting attackers' desire for long-term presence for information.

Cyber attribution: Essential for incident response or optional extra?

Stephen Moore examines the role that cyber-attribution can play in the wake of a data breach and discusses whether it should be a seen as a fundamental step in every incident response or whether it is merely a 'nice to have'.

Cisco patches vulnerability in WebEx

A Cisco security advisory is warning users of a vulnerability in the firm's WebEx Meetings and WebEx Meetings Server that could allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on their system.

Cyber-security isn't perfect, but you can cut the risks by doing the basics

Implementation of basic cyber-security practices isn't just down to the IT department, however, but needs to be enforced at all levels of an organisation, from the very top to the very bottom.

Bitcoin stealing malware distributed on for nearly a year

Bitcoin stealing malware that swaps user accounts with that of the attacker was found to be hosted on servers for nearly a year.

Spring break vulnerability jeopardises Pivotal Spring projects

A remote code execution flaw, dubbed Spring Break, affects various Pivotal Spring projects and could allow an attacker to run arbitrary commands on any machine running applications built using Spring Data REST.