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Organisations need to identify nation state attacks - but not attackers

For an enterprise security team to attempt investigate who is behind an attack is extremely complicated and time consuming, and most importantly does very little to improve the organisation's defences against further attack.

The USA goes nuclear: how should the security community react?

The attribution of a cyber-attack is a key question in this debate about nuclear responses. It is extremely difficult to pinpoint the source of a tech invasion, as complex coding techniques mean users are able to retain online anonymity.

Apparent Korean actor 'Group123' linked to six phishing campaigns

Researchers have attributed six separate phishing campaigns targeting South Koreans in either 2017 or 2018 to a single threat actor called "Group123."

Why we need to think twice before blaming North Korea for cyber-attacks

Ahead of today's UK attribution of WannaCry to North Korea, Bharat Mistry advises that the reclusive country's internet and computing infrastructure is not as locked-down as we might believe, thus open to outside interference.

DDoS it matter what motivates Lizard Squad?

Lizard Squad is best known for launching DDoS attacks against Microsoft Xbox Live and Sony PlayStation Network, and doing so 'for the lulz!' SC Magazine UK has been pondering whether the motivation actually matters?