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Nato wins largest cyber-defence exercise; Portugal, Australia join CCDCOE

The NATO team won the CCDCOE's largest live fire cyber-defence exercise Locked Shields; Portugal and Australia join grouping as new members, strengthening and expanding reach.

Data from soldiers' fitness trackers reveal sensitive locations, routines

A heatmap of two years' worth of fitness tracker Strava's global data, released last November but discovered more recently by an Australian student, inadvertently revealed the location of US military facilities in war zones.

New Ursnif variants silently targets banks and employ redirection attacks

New Ursnif variants being tested in the wild are using redirection attacks to target Australian banks and malicious TLS callback techniques to achieve process injection.

Breach notification laws makes third attempt in Australian parliament

An law which will make companies tell customers and regulators when they've been breached is making yet another passage through Australia's legislative assembly.

Hype hampers understanding of cyber-security says Aussie government

A report by the Australian Cyber-Security Centre says that the misuse and over-hyping of cyber-security terms has hampered the public's ability to understand cyber-security issues.

Ursnif banking Trojan targets Australia with new evasive macros

On 19 September, the TA530 group sent personalised emails utilising company names, personal names, titles and more to deliver malicious Word documents.

Australia's prime minister confirms Australian Bureau of Meteorology attack

Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull confirmed that the Australian Bureau of Meteorology was indeed a target of a cyber-attack last year.

Australian Gumtree serving up Angler exploit kit to users

Security researchers at Malwarebytes have found that Gumtree Australia was serving the Angler Exploit Kit to it's many users through malvertising on the website itself.

Australian SMBs must comprehend cyber-security as much as finance

Every day cyber-criminals are benefiting from Australian SMBs that are uneducated and unwilling to properly protect their data.

Australian weather hack sparks storm in a China teacup

Chinese rumoured to be behind massive hack attack on Australian weather agency but China denies any involvement.

Australian banks oppose bitcoin exchanges

Australian businesses are turning away from bitcoin since Australian banks made the move last month to close 13 of the country's 17 bitcoin exchanges' accounts.

Strewth! Aussie telco Telstra pushes malvertising

The 'media content' home page of Australia's largest telecommunications company Telstra has been infected with 'malvertising' which links a malicious exploit kit.

Votes gone walkabout after Australian election voting flaw

With the UK general election only weeks away now, a security flaw has surfaced in the Australian state of New South Wales that may have left votes susceptible to interception and manipulation.

China takes cyber war to Australia

State hackers try to avoid detection by working Australian business hours - except Chinese public holidays.