An Australian company has been threatened with an AUS$11,000 a-day fine for publishing a link to a banned page.


The country's communications regulator has threatened to fine Bulletproof Networks with an ‘interim link-deletion notice' for allowing one of its customers, the Whirlpool internet community website, to post the link to an anti-abortion web page. 

In a report published by The Australian, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) received information that a Whirlpool forums page ‘may contain links to other websites that may contain “prohibited content” or “potentially prohibited content”'. 


The notice gave Bulletproof 24 hours to act, stating: “Bulletproof must comply with the interim link deletion notice as soon as practicable, and in any event by 6pm on the next business day.”

Bulletproof spokesman Lorenzo Modesto claimed that he was surprised by the notice and was complying, and that it was the first time the company had received a notice from authorities to take such action.

As of 31st January 2009, the ACMA blacklist comprised 1,090 web pages including refused classification, X18+ and MA15+ content. The blacklist, compiled via a complaints-based mechanism, is being used as a basis for federal Government-backed live ISP filtering trials.