Passlogix has announced the launch of the v-GO Universal Authentication Manager (v-GO UAM) that enables Microsoft Windows to accept any identification device for logon.

The company said that v-GO UAM keeps the user logon process simple, as users tap their badge on a badge reader attached to their computer and enter a PIN code, while users with smartcards insert and remove their card from the reader in the computer.

Stephane Fymat, vice president of strategy and product management at Passlogix, said: “Until now, organisations were also usually limited to one type of authentication device, had costly changes of the backend infrastructure if they wanted to switch authenticators, and had to impose a confusing logon process on their end-users.

“By solving these problems with a universal device strategy, simple interface and affordable non-proprietary backend, v-GO UAM finally makes it possible to deploy strong authentication enterprise-wide.”