Automation: The Future of Security Incident Response
Automation: The Future of Security Incident Response

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Date: 16th November 2016
Time: 2:00 p.m BST 
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Automation: The Future of Security Incident Response

The era of the mega breach is upon us. And it's had a seismic effect on global businesses. Many name-brand organisations are spending millions dealing with the aftermath of losing customer data or intellectual property, and others are working as hard as they can to avoid the type of media attention that no one wants.

The core issue is that security teams are overwhelmed and lack the speed and agility to effectively stop a breach. The only way to make security teams more effective at stopping breaches is to automate security incident response processes. 

Join guest speaker Joseph Blankenship, Forrester Principal Senior Analyst and Piero DePaoli, Senior Director from ServiceNow's Security Operations team as they discuss and demonstrate the following.

• The need for rules of engagement to defend against breaches
• Defining policies and workflows to automate much of incident response
• Best practices for creating a response index
• Six game-changers for efficient security incident response