The value of security professionals is rising in the sector with the average salary now £53,600.


The latest salary survey, produced by (ISC)2 and Information Security Solutions found that more than half of the 600 respondents had received a pay rise in the last 12 months. Nearly two thirds earned more than £50,000, while 47.5 per cent had received bonuses that added anything from £10,000 to £100,000 to their basic salary.


John Colley, managing director of (ISC)2, claimed that the results demonstrated that it was ‘nice to know that salaries are going in the right direction'.


Colley said: “In security it takes a number of years before you can rely on somebody's judgement. This survey redefines what I think that you have to pay a premium for the right people.


“These findings tell us that our profession continues to enjoy increasing influence and impact on the organisation as companies recognise their dependencies on IT and connected business processes.”


Ian Sutherland, founder of Information Security Solutions, said: “Despite the doom and gloom of the economic situation, security continues to be highly valued as a profession, and they continue to be paid well.”