AVG has launched a version of its free LinkScanner for the Mac operating system.

It claimed that AVG LinkScanner for Mac is the first free AVG product designed for Mac OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard, and supports internet browsers Safari 3.0, Safari 4.0, Safari 5.0 and Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and higher.

LinkScanner for Mac, like its Windows equivalent, allows users to surf, search, email, shop and use social network programs online with the confidence that each web page they visit is checked in real-time by AVG's research team and user community.

If it detects something suspicious, LinkScanner notifies the user that the website is malicious.

J.R. Smith, CEO of AVG, said: “Mac users have traditionally been less vulnerable to virus threats and attacks because of their lower market share, but that is quickly changing and no operating system is immune, as these attacks are leveraging the web to deliver malware that target web browsers and application vulnerabilities. LinkScanner for Mac takes the first step to ensure customers are safe and won't end up losing their money, identities and precious digital memories.

“In addition, this new product has been enhanced to better protect users from being scammed, phished and entering personal information into infected games, quizzes, surveys, etc. on social networking sites.”