AVG to partner with WatchGuard, as it enlists former US government secretary for initiative

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WatchGuard Technologies is to team up with AVG to provide anti-virus protection for its customers.

WatchGuard Technologies is to team up with AVG to provide anti-virus protection for its customers.

Tim Helming, director of product management, WatchGuard Technologies, claimed that it had selected AVG so that its customers would have a no-compromise gateway anti-virus solution to best protect their networks, applications and data.

J.R. Smith, CEO of AVG, said: “With more than 80 million PCs protected worldwide, AVG has thought leadership in protecting consumers and businesses, and their assets, from pernicious viruses.

“By teaming up with AVG, WatchGuard can make its unified threat management offerings, with AVG inside, more effective at keeping businesses safe and secure,” he said.

Meanwhile AVG has enlisted the first US secretary of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, and his firm, Ridge Global, to help develop a national awareness campaign and encourage consumers to secure their computers from large-scale cyber attacks.

Smith said: “We want to galvanize consumers to be more vigilant, be free from malicious threats on the internet and to make them accountable for protecting their own virtual communities.

“While their government is working to put systems in place and shore up cyber security, every consumer should not only be mindful of personal identity theft and data breaches, but also understand the important role they play in helping to maintain a secure cyber community and cyber infrastructure.”

In the European Union, AVG is working with the European Commission and actively engaged in several key initiatives pertaining to cyber security, focused on critical infrastructure protection and consumer security. It is also working with Beijing around free basic protection.

As part of the effort, AVG will lead multi-faceted campaigns in the United States and European Union to promote innovative concepts that encourage discussion among policy experts, media and consumers about the role of private citizens in the security of the World Wide Web.  The campaigns will clarify opportunities and vulnerabilities consumers face and will seek solutions for both corporations and citizens.


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