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Strengths: Plugs right into the existing environment for easy administration and seamless integration to users

Weaknesses: None that we found

Verdict: A solid product, priced right. We rate secure2trust our Best Buy

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Avoco secure2trust provides many great features for document rights management across the enterprise. This product can protect Microsoft Office documents and Adobe PDF files from actions such as copying, printing, printing to a file, editing, saving, and being opened in a virtual machine or remote desktop session.Administrators can also set time restrictions for when a file can be opened or accessed. Additional functionality is brought to this product with the secure2email plug-in for Microsoft Outlook. This plug-in can be used to assign the same types of control to email.

We found this product to be quite easy to use. Installation is in three parts. First, a webserver must be created and configured to host the manager component. Second, the manager component is installed and configured. Lastly, the clients are deployed. The installation process is easy and intuitive and clients can be deployed using a group policy via Active Directory.

From the client side, this product is also simple and intuitive to use. A drop-down menu is created in the appropriate applications so users can protect documents and email seamlessly.

From a performance standpoint, this is a solid product. Both components plug into the environment, using the Active Directory structure, so there is no need to configure separate users and groups for policy. Since the product integrates directly into user applications, it is easy for users to protect a document effectively and effortlessly.

Several PDF guides are provided for documentation. These guides are all well organised and segmented in an intuitive way rather than being one 1000-page manual. All include easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, with many screenshots for further illustration of installation and configuration tasks.

Avoco offers both phone and email support as well as an online support ticketing system.

There are also a few nice resources available on the website, such as a knowledgebase; and there are online product demos.

With prices starting at £200 per user, this product is excellent value for money. Secure2trust provides a high amount of document protection and granularity with simple administration for a low price.

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